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Edit a District Calendar

To edit the newly created calendar, complete the following steps:

  1. From the District Calendars page, click on the calendar name in the list that you want to edit.
  2. The Edit Calendar page displays. Click the Days tab to edit values for individual calendar days.
  3. Uncheck the in-session box for any days that are not in session.

    Note: Membership Values are not considered in the extract and do not need to be edited

  4. Days where no Day Type has been set will be reported using the following default values:
    • When the in-session box is marked: Day Type will be extracted as Instructional Day
    • When the in-session box is not marked: Day Type will be extracted as Other

In order to be extracted correctly, the following Day Types must be set as applicable:

      • 'I' - 'Instructional day'
      • 'T' - 'Teacher only day'
      • 'H' - 'Holiday'
      • 'M' - 'Make-up day'
      • 'W' - 'Weather day'
      • 'LE' - 'Late Arrv/Early Dism'
      • 'E' - 'Emergency Day'
      • 'S' - 'Strike'
      • 'O' - 'Other'
      • 'R' - 'Instructional Day'
      • 'RH' - 'Holiday'
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