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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: New - Discipline Letter Templates Functionality

Additional References: PSSR-328394, PSSR-328392, PSSR-325971

Discipline Incident Letters: Version 1.0

New Discipline Letter functionality is now available that allows end users to create and configure discipline letters, from Incident Management, that can be sent home to parents and guardians if their student was involved in a discipline-related incident.

These discipline letters are created at the district level and can be pushed out to, and made available at, a school or schools within the district.

Classic UI: Start Page, District Setup, Incident Management, Discipline Incident Letters

Enhanced UI: Start Page, District Management, Behavior, Discipline Incident Letters

The discipline letters are generated by a new Discipline Incident Letters report that is located on the System Reports tab

Note: Discipline Incident Letters only work with Incident Management.


2023-24 Special Education Template Report Updates

NJ SMART Special Education Data Extract: Version - 3.3
The template is updated to extract the values as entered from the five new fields MDDisablingCondition1-5.
The template includes the logic to extract the date in the format YYYYMMDD for the field DeclassificationSPEDDate from the Special Ed Declassification Date field.


NJ - 2023-24 NJS SID Oct Snapshot UI Updates

Fields: TitleIScience, TitleIMath, and TitleILanguage have been moved to the Obsolete tab.
The drop-down values for the field Bridge Year, ELA Graduation, and MATH Graduation are updated as per 2023-24 new requirements.
The World Language Assessment fields are updated to include 2 new assessments, STAMP LAT and STAMP ASL
A new Lunch status override field is added to the PS student Lunch page.


NJ - 2023-24 Special Education Template Updates (UI)

NJ SPED Fields has been updated to include the Five new fields MDDisablingCondition1-5 as per the new 2023- 24 DOE requirements.


NJ - CDS Codes - Fall 2023 Update

The values associated with the County, District, and School code fields are updated to reflect the published County/District/School codes.

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