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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-243516Gifted and Talented field introduced in the NJ SID Tab

Students can now be identified as Gifted and Talented for the NJS SID Management Extract by selecting Yes (Y) on the NJS SID tab. Field display Is this student enrolled in a Gifted/Talented Program? is listed under the Program Information Section.

PSSR-243518Gifted and Talented Staff added to NJ SMART SMID Submission Extract

NJ SMART SMID Submission Extract: Version 1.1
The report has been updated with a new field Gifted and Talented Staff which will extract value 'Y' when the Staff Assignment Job code is 0045 or 3140. For all other cases, the field will extract 'N'.

PSSR-242669New Behavior Code 'OTHSSDS' Added in Incident Management Setup

A new Behavior Category "OTHER BEHAVIOR LEADING TO REMOVAL^" has been added in Incident Management. The State Aggregate Report code for this category is OTHSSDS^. Incidents created with the STATE REPORTABLE (SSDS)^ Incident Type and the new Behavior Category will now be included in the SSDS Other Removal Form report.

PSSR-239419NJ Ethnicity and Race Code Migration Report Discontinued

NJ Ethnicity and Race Code Migration Report has been discontinued. It will be no longer accessible or visible.

PSSR-238833NJ SMART Staff Information Page: Smart Search Added for CDS Codes

The NJ SMART Staff Information page now allows CDS code search for Staff Assignments. This is the same feature currently used on the student pages to populate County > District > School codes. The values can be manually entered or populated by using the hyperlink that is displayed next to each field to search the respective codes. Based on the County code selected, District code options are displayed. Based on the District code selected, School code options are displayed.

PSSR-240196NJ SMART Staff Information UI Update

A new data entry page is available for the NJ SMART Staff Information Section.  Below are the tabs that are now visible when navigating to Start > Staff Selection > State/Province - NJ under the staff menu.

General: v1.0
This tab contains general NJ SMART information about Staff that may also be reported in the SMID AND Staff Submission reports.

NJS SMID : v1.0
This tab contains information extracted on the NJ SMART SMID Report.

NJS Staff Submission: v1.0
This tab contains information extracted on the NJ SMART Staff Submission Report.

PSSR-243444Option to Exclude Staff from NJ SMART Staff Submissions

NJ SMART SMID: Version 1.1

NJ SMART Staff Submission: Version 1.1

The identified reports are updated to consider the new staff UI field to exclude staff from the NJ SMART SMID and Staff Submission reports, Exclude from NJ SMART Staff Submissions displays as a select list with values Yes (1) or No (0). No displays by default and will save upon page submission.

PSSR-244903ORA-00904 Error Received for the Student Health History and Appraisal Report

Student Health History and Appraisal Report: Version 1.3
The report has been updated to resolve error ORA-00904: "L1"."ROWNO", which appeared when running the report for a selected student.

PSSR-244644SID Management Extract: Null Value Generates 'R' for CityOfBirth, StateOfBirth, and CountryOfBirth Fields

NJ SMART SID Management Extract 2.4
The identified report is updated to extract the student's stored value for CityOfBirth, StateOfBirth, and CountryOfBirth when the BirthPlace_Refusal student field is NULL/empty. A value of 'R' will extract if the field is set to No (N).

PSSR-242668SSDS Other Incident Leading to Removal Form Report Update

NJ SSDS Other Incident Leading to Removal Form: Version 1.1
The report logic is modified to extract data for incidents with an Incident Type of STATE REPORTABLE (SSDS)^. All other incident types are excluded.

PSSR-245190Update to CDS Code List

The values associated with the County, District, and School code fields are updated to reflect the published County/District/School codes as of August 2020.

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