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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-202672New Accommodations Tab for DLM Assessment - Special Programs Only

A new table is created to store the DLM Assessment accommodations entered via the PowerSchool Special Programs software. The table name is [S_NJ_STU_DLM_C] and all fields are visible on the new student Special Programs-DLM tab (Start Page > Student Selection > State/Province - NJ). Data entry must continue to be managed via the Special Programs interface for accurate student reporting.

PSSR-224638NJ Attendance Summary by Grade/Program: Reporting Date Validation

NJ Attendance Summary by Grade/Program: Version 6.3

To aid in selecting a start date that is not greater than the first in-session day of the selected school, a validation alert message is enabled to display on the runtime parameter page. If the report start date is greater than or equal to the first in session day of the school, an in-session date must be entered. Note: An in-session date must be selected when creating Reporting Segments to ensure accurate results.

PSSR-240216NJ Pre-ID Tabs Discontinued

The student Pre ID tabs on the State/Province - NJ page have been discontinued.

PSSR-237199NJ SMART 2020-2021 UI Updates for NJS SID Tab, SPED Tab, NJ SMART Staff Information Page

1. Validation is added for field ELAGraduationPathwayIndicator. The biliterate field must be a Yes if the ELA graduation pathway indicator is not blank.
2. The existing Bileterate field validation requiring the field to be populated for all Grade 12 students has been removed.

A new drop-down value of "14 - School Closure due to COVID-19" is added added to the Initial Process Delay Reason field.

NJ SMART Staff Information Page
1. The field LanguageSpokenByTeacher is updated as a mandatory field with Smart Search feature for languages.
2. The drop-down values for field Migrant Education Program Staff Category display as follows:
(1) = Migrant Education Program Teacher
(2) = Migrant Education Program Paraprofessional
(3) = Migrant Education Program Counselor
(4) = Migrant Education Program Recruiters
(5) = Migrant Education Program Records Transfer Staff

PSSR-237200NJ SMART 2020-2021 Updates for NJ SMART Career and Technical Education Submission Report

NJ SMART Career and Technical Education Submission Report: Version 2.4

The report header names of CountyCodeAssigned, DistrictCodeAssigned, and SchoolCodeAssigned has now been renamed to CTECountyCodeAssigned, CTEDistrictCodeAssigned, CTESchoolCodeAssigned.

PSSR-237201NJ SMART 2020-2021 Updates for NJ SMART SID Management Extract

NJ SMART SID Management Extract: Version 2.2

The extraction logic for the existing data elements namely CityOfBirth, StateOfBirth, and CountryOfBirth data has been updated based on Birthplace Information. If Parent refuses to provide birthplace information field on the NJ SID tab is set to Yes, then report will extract a value of R for CityOfBirth, StateOfBirth, and country of birth.

PSSR-239326Option to Exclude Staff from NJ SMART Staff Submissions

A new field to exclude staff from the NJ SMART SMID and Staff Submission reports is introduced in the NJ SMART Staff Information page. The new field label is Exclude from NJ SMART Staff Submissions and displays as a select list with values Yes (1) or No (0). No is displayed by default and will save upon page submission. [S_NJ_USR_X]Excl_Frm_SMART_STF_SUBMISSN.

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