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Search Incident Management Records

To generate the NJ Incident Management Query, do the following:

  1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click the Search Incident Management Records link. The Incident Management Student Search page appears.
  3. Enter information and check the boxes next to the desired filters.
  4. Click Apply Filter(s) to select the matching Incident Management records and students.
  5. Click Make Students Current Selection or Add Students to Current Selection once the appropriate results are displayed in the Results pane.

Filter Type


Incident Date on or After

Check the box to filter results to return only those with an Incident Timestamp on or after the specified date.

Incident Date on or Before

Check the box to filter results to return only those with an Incident Timestamp on or before the specified date.

Student Participant Types

Select the Student Participant Type to filter the results. Hold CTRL and click to select more than one type.

Student Grade Level (current)

Check the box to filter results to include only students whose current grade level is the grade level specified in the window.

Schools (District context only)

Select the incident location to filter results.

Incident Types

Select the Incident Type to filter results.

Incident Action Codes

Select an action code of the specified type to filter results. This action may or may not be related to any participant.

Incident Title

Specify words in an incident title to filter results.


Incident Entry Author

Specify an Entry Author to filter results.

Include Inactive Students

Check the box to include inactive students in the results. If not checked, only active students will be returned.

Max Rows Returned

The maximum number of results that will be returned. It is possible that the number of incidents and related students returned by the specified filters will exceed this number. For performance reasons, this value should be restricted as much as possible.


Click Apply Filter(s) on the Incident Management Student Search page. The Search Results page will display the incidents and related students that met the criteria of the filters.



Incident ID

The internal Incident ID assigned to an incident when it is created. The user can click on the Incident ID to take them to the Incident information.

Incident Title

The Incident Title for the particular incident.

Incident Date

The date that the incident occurred.


The location where the incident was entered.


The participant type of the student involved in the incident.

Student Number

The student's number displays. If the incident is not linked to a student, this will be blank (i.e. participant is a teacher, person not in PowerSchool, or there is not a participant).

Student Name

The student's name is listed. The user can click on the student's name to take them to the student's information.

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