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S_NJ_USR_StaffAssignments_C (ver 20.6.2)

This table is an extension of the [Users] table. 

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
Assignment_Number20.6.2Varchar2(1)Assignment Number
SMART_CountyCodeAssigned20.6.2Varchar2(2)County Code Assigned
SMART_DistrictCodeAssigned20.6.2Varchar2(4)District Code Assigned
SMART_SchoolCodeAssigned20.6.2Varchar2(3)School Code Assigned
SMART_FTE20.6.2Varchar2(4)Full Time Equivalency
SMART_JobCode20.6.2Varchar2(4)Job Code
SMART_JobCodeSubCat20.6.2Varchar2(1)Job Code Subcategory
SMART_AgeGroupTaught20.6.2Varchar2(1)Age Group Taught (required for SubCategory 3,4,5)
SMART_CredentialType20.6.2Varchar2(1)Credential Type (required for Job Codes 0100-4001, except 0700, 0701, 0702, and 0703.)

Teacher Prep (required for Certified Staff)

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