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LIEP Classification Codes

See the following for English Learner classifications.

State CodeState Reporting CodeDescription

BlankNot an EL (Default)
11Dual Language
22Full time Bilingual (Transitional)
33Bilingual Alternative Programs
44English Alternative Programs (Hi-Intensity, SEI)
55ESL Only or ELS
66Currently an ELL but ELL Porgram Services Refused
--EBL(OBSOLETE) EL Bilingual
--MBL(OBSOLETE) Mixed Bilingual
--ETI(OBSOLETE) EL-Specific Transition Instruction
--MNL(OBSOLETE) Mixed Class with Native Language Support
--EEO(OBSOLETE) EL-Specific with English-only Support
--MEO(OBSOLETE) Mixed Class with English-only Support
--NSP(OBSOLETE) No Support Provided.
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