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Incident Management: Participant Attribute Codes


Code Description

SubcodeSubcode Description
100050Program Services Provided100193None
  100195Academic Instruction Only
  100196Support Services only
  100197Educational Program (Academic Instruction/Support)
100053Injury Caused (Offender only)100213Minor Injury
  100214Major Injury
  100215No injury
  100227Serious Bodily Injury
100054Injury Incurred100216Minor Injury
  100217Major Injury
  100218No Injury
  100219Serious Bodily Injury (Victim only)
100055Victim of Violent Criminal Offense (Victim only)100220No
100057Victim Transfer Option Available100225No
100058Victim Transfer Option Outcome100222Option Accepted, Xfer Complete Within 30 Days
  100223Option Accepted, Xfer Not Complete Within 30 Days
  100224Option Declined
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