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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-282995All States/Provinces: CRDC Report (2020-2021): CRDC School 3 File - Headers Update

CRDC Report (2020 - 2021): Version 1.1

The Common template (shared by all states) of the CRDC Report (2020-2021) is updated to have the correct column headers for the new Staff Offenses columns as per the information provided in the 'CRDC School 3.csv' file.
Note: The base version of the CRDC 2020-2021 report is updated to 1.1 with this release. State-specific updates to the base version are denoted with a second dot version number (e.g., CRDC Report (2020-2021): Version 1.1.1).

PSSR-282741All States/Provinces: CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Student Enrollment in Remote Computer Science Classes

CRDC Report (2020 - 2021): Version 1.1

The CRDC 2020-2021 Report Common Template is updated to return student information for remote school enrollments in Computer Science classes. Initially it was only returning information for home school enrollments.

PSSR-277063All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preference Updated in Parent Portal

The Digital Equity & Learning Preference data entry page in the public portal has been updated and now records will not save if the Date field is blank.

PSSR-281977All States/Provinces: Digital Equity Device Type Field Added in Public Portal

The Digital Equity & Learning Preference new record page, in the public portal, has been updated and now the Device Type field can be populated by parents and guardians if the district has opted to expose this page.

PSSR-269159All States/Provinces: Health Report Update

Health Report: Version 1.4

The Health Report has been updated and the Hearing Screening Outcome column is now returning the display values (Pass/Fail) rather than the State Name value.

PSSR-277894All States/Provinces: Office Visit Clinic Log Report Update

Office Visit Clinic Log Report: Version 1.2

The Office Visit Clinic Log report has been updated and will no longer display previous school’s office visit records.

PSSR-281360CRDC 20-21 Report Update - SingleSex

CRDC Report (2020-2021): Version 1.1.1

The Student Audit file is updated to remove the SingleSex column since student enrollment in single sex classes is not reported.

PSSR-281317CRDC 2020-2021 Report: Student Audit File Updated to Include Additional Columns

CRDC Report (2020-2021): Version 1.1.1

The CRDC Report (2020-2021) is updated to have additional columns of data in the CRDC Student Audit.csv file to help users identify students who are taking classes at another school. The file now includes a SchoolID column after the various CRDC course enrollment columns to let users know where the course was taken.

PSSR-281933CRDC Report (2020 - 2021) Update

CRDC Report (2020 - 2021): Version 1.1.1

The CRDC 2020-21 Report needs the following updates to resolve issues with class enrollments and passing algebra I counts:

  • Students taking classes (any type) at another school need to be counted in their Home School's numbers
  • The report is not currently considering term lengths less than semester long in the Algebra I passing numbers.
PSSR-268689EOY Academic Performance Submission Updates

i.4.see End of Year Academic Performance Submission: Version 1.0

The following updates are made:

  • The report is rewritten and the old report is moved to the Obsolete Section of the Reports page.
  • Required updates are made per New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE).
  • Title1 elements are reported with a value of 1 or blank.
  • The wrong District Number was being reported when a student had a previous enrollment at another school for the current year. This is fixed and the correct District Number is reported.
PSSR-272798i4see Virtual Instruction Percent Override Update

Virtual Instruction Percent Override is updated to copy to re-enrollments after end-of-year rollover.

PSSR-282714Re-Enroll Student and Create New School Enrollment Page - Updates

The following updates are made to the Re-Enroll Student and Create New School Enrollment pages:

  • Header A13 Report Information is changed to 'Tuition Information'.
  • The informational text below ‘Exclude this enrollment from State Reporting’ is no longer relevant and has been removed.
  • Hover over fields on both pages displays the updated table and field name.
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