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S_NH_SGR_X (ver

This table is an extension of the [CC] table.

Column Name


Data Type


StoredGradesDCID16.8.2Number(10)Primary Key
ELO_Career_Cluster20.7.1.0String(8)ELO Career Cluster
ELO_Community_Partner19.10.1.0String(100)ELO Community Partner/Mentor Name
ELO_Credit_Bearing20.7.1.0String(1)Obsolete - ELO Credit Bearing Status
ELO_Credit_Data20.7.1.0String(1)Indicates this is the record with the ELO Credit
ELO_Description19.10.1.0String(4)ELO Description Type
ELO_Num_DaysPerWk20.7.1.0Number(5)Obsolete - ELO Number of Days Per Week out of School Building
ELO_Off_Campus20.7.1.0String(1)ELO Off Campus indicator
ELO_Subject_Area20.7.1.0String(8)ELO Primary Subject Area
ELO_Subject_Area119.10.1.0String(8)Obsolete - Primary Subject Area (SCED Code)
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