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CRDC Specific to New Hampshire: S_STU_CRDC_X (ver 16.11.1)

This table is an extension of the [Students] table and provides CRDC-specific fields for New Hampshire. To view additional CRDC fields used by all states, refer to S_CRS_CRDC_X in the All States Data Dictionary.

Column Name


Data Type


StudentsDCID16.11.1Number(10,0)Foreign key.
ACT_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)Indicates if student took the ACT.
APExam16.11.1VarChar2(1)Indicates status of AP exams taken, if student was taking AP courses.
APExamPassed16.11.1VarChar2(1)Indicates status of AP exams passed, if student was taking AP courses.
GEDPrepProgram_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)This student participates in a General Educational Development (GED) preparation program (for ages 16-19) operated by this LEA.
GEDPrepProgramCred_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)This student received the General Educational Development (GED) preparation program credential.
IBDiplomaProgram_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)This is a student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program.
IDEA_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)Indicates if the student had with one or more disabilities served under IDEA.
SAT_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)Indicates if student took the SAT.
Section504_YN16.11.1VarChar2(1)This is a student Classified as 504.



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