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CRDC Specific to New Hampshire: S_CRS_CRDC_X (ver 16.11.1)

This table is an extension of the [Courses] table and provides CRDC-specific fields for New Hampshire. To view additional CRDC fields used by all states, refer to S_CRS_CRDC_X in the All States Data Dictionary.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key.

APSubjectArea16.11.1Varchar2(5)Does this fall under a specific Advanced Placement (AP) subject area?
CourseTypeAdvMath_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as an Advanced Math course (trigonometry, elementary analysis, analytic geometry, statistics, precalculus, etc).
CourseTypeAlgebraI_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as an Algebra I course.
CourseTypeAlgebraII_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as an Algebra II course.
CourseTypeBiology_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as a Biology course.
CourseTypeCalculus_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as a Calculus course.
CourseTypeChemistry_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as a Chemistry course.
CourseTypeGeometry_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as a Geometry course.
CourseTypePhysics_YN16.11.1Varchar2(1)This qualifies as a Physics course

Which subject category does this course fall under?



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