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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Printing Issue Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.9

The report has been updated and will no longer print blank pages between pages containing student data.


All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Inventory Report ORA-00904 Error Update

Yearly Medication Inventory Report Version: 1.3
The yearly medication inventory report has been updated and will now run (and complete) as expected.


Ed-Fi: Student Publish Status Page - Missing Student Number / Incorrect Grade Level "K" In Header

The Student Publish Status Page now displays the student number and the correct grade level in the header.


ADVISER: Special Education Student Programs Rollover

During the End-of-Year (EOY) process, the Special Education Student Programs did not roll over in one scenario. The issue is fixed and Special Education Student Programs roll over successfully.


ADVISER: Special Education Student Programs Updates

Data Validations are added to the Primary and Additional Disabilities fields to minimize problems when publishing data.

Navigation: Start Page, Student Selection, Student Programs, Edit Student Program Enrollment.


ADVISER: Student Section Association > Final Grade Attempt Status Update

Updated the calculation used to derive the Attempt Status Descriptor on the Student Section Association resource to publish based on the grade that is marked as the final grade. If the final grade is not identified then the system uses a priority rule to derive it. The business rule is documented below:

  • If the class is dropped, then the system publishes the Attempt Status as Withdrawn.

  • If there are multiple stored grades, then the system looks for a Store Code in the Historical Grades that matches the final grade defined in the Reporting Codes table (S_NE_ReportingStoreCodes_S) for the same term. The system publishes the Attempt Status based on this Stored Grade. ELSE;

  • If there is a single stored grade, then the system publishes the Attempt Status based on the available stored grade.

The priority is below:

  • Withdrawn

  • Incomplete

  • Fail

  • Pass

  • Audited


Lunch Page: Limited Data Validation (LDV) Update

Added Limited Data Validation (LDV) rules to the Lunch Status Override field on the Lunch page.

Navigation: Start Page, Student Selection, Lunch.

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