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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-215588ADVISER: Calendar Publishing Update

Calendar resources now auto-publish when the CalendarDates resource is published. This resolves the CalendarDates dependency on the Calendar resource.

PSSR-244659ADVISER: Download Descriptors Update

The Descriptor download process is updated to remove any Ed-Fi default namespace and associated code values, post descriptor download completion.
Note: PowerSchool recommends re-downloading the descriptors after installing this update.

PSSR-242065ADVISER: PostGraduateActivities Publishing Update

The PostGraduateActivities resource is updated to include "0 - Unavailable" value when publishing with Ed-Fi.

PSSR-243439ADVISER: StudentEducationOrganization Resource Publishing Update

StudentEducationOrganizationAssociations resource is updated to publish new Digital Equity fields under studentIndicators, as below:

  • InternetAccessInResidence
  • InternetAccessTypeInResidence
  • InternetPerformance
  • DigitalDevice
  • DeviceAccess
The data entry fields for the above were added earlier as part of Student Learning Preferences Functionality.
PSSR-218485ADVISER: Transcripts Publishing Update

StudentTranscript is updated to publish the below resources:

  • StudentAcademicRecords
  • CourseTranscripts
PSSR-243440ADVISER: Transcripts Publishing Update

Transcripts Resources is updated to limit publishing to:

  • Students in Grade 9 and above
  • Courses taken in Grade 9 and above or taken in Grades 7-8 where credit was awarded
PSSR-218320ADVISOR: Student Programs Update

The Homeless and Early Education Student Programs now auto-publish for assigned students.

PSSR-244113Ed-Fi Framework: Purge Processor Degraded Performance

The Ed-Fi Purge Processor has been enhanced to improve performance.

PSSR-230751Ed-Fi: Attendance Code Mapping Improvement

Ed-Fi Attendance Code mapping is updated to include rows for mapping local Absent and Present attendance codes to the new State Attendance Categories. This mapping is at the individual school level, and multiple local codes can be mapped to a single state value.

PSSR-240493Ed-Fi: Extension Table Update

The Ed-Fi extension tables are updated to use common extension tables for better code maintainability.

PSSR-244161Ed-Fi: Records Not Processing When Previous Years Disabled

Filters are added to all the publishing steps to exclude the disabled years from publishing. This allows publishing for the enabled years to continue and not be interrupted by the disabled year's records.

PSSR-247125Special Programs Data Entry Updates

The Nebraska Programs Fact Information section on the Special Programs page is longer unresponsive after installing PowerSchool 20.4.4.

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