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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-235148ADVISER: 2020-21 Student Demographics Updates

Student Demographics Resource (studentEducationOrganizationAssociations) is updated for Section 504. StudentCharacteristics now publishes Section 504. Previously, it was published as a program.

PSSR-230374ADVISER: Calendar Publishing Update

CalendarDay Events Mapped now publishes with correct Membership Value in the instructionalDuration. The support for multiple calendar day events (e.g. Weather Day) is also enabled.

PSSR-239044ADVISER: Discipline Resource Publishing Update

The disciplineLength is updated in the disciplineActions resource. The value of disciplineLength is determined as below:

  • Publish the actual duration of action, if it is available; otherwise, publish the assigned duration.
  • Publish 0.00, if both actual duration and assigned duration are not available
PSSR-241908ADVISER: Download Descriptors Update

The Download Descriptor's namespaces are updated as per 2020-21 ADVISER.

PSSR-235147ADVISOR: Student Programs Update

Student Programs are updated as per 2020-21 ADVISOR:

  • 504 Designation is not published as a part of the Students Program.
  • Career and Technical Education is not published. The dashboard view changed to display Career and Technical Education (19-20).
  • Special Education Programs do not publish fields specialEducationHoursPerWeek and
  • Early Childhood Programs is renamed to "Early Childhood Ed Program, Head Start Student"
    and "Early Childhood Ed Program, not Head Start Student."
  • FoodService Programs do not publish Full Pay or Community Eligibility.
PSSR-223744Data Entry Updates

Spelling errors on the Nebraska Student Information page are corrected.

PSSR-235207Ed-Fi: Descriptors Update

The Downloaded Descriptors are updated as per the ADVISER 2020-21 guidelines. The Descriptors that are not being used are removed.

PSSR-239048Ed-Fi: Discipline Data Viewer Updates

The standard student information is added in the data views for Restraint Events resources:

  • Student Number
  • Student Name
  • State Identifier
PSSR-218571Ed-Fi: Organization Info Data Viewer Updates

Cycle Day column is added to Class Period View.

PSSR-241607Special Programs Data Entry Updates

The below fields are updated as per 2020-21.

  • Primary Setting Code on the Nebraska Special Programs page
  • Program Code on the Early Childhood Special Programs page
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