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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-225480ADVISER: Calendar Publishing Updates

After implementing the Ed-Fi Base 3.x, the Calendar resources stopped publishing. This issue is resolved and the CalendarDates and GradingPeriod resources publish successfully with the revised specifications.

PSSR-229079ADVISER: Discipline Resource Publishing Update

The DisciplineIncident resource is updated. The HomicideIndicator and ShootingIndicator now publish under the _ext section of the JSON.

PSSR-229023ADVISER: Discipline Resource Publishing Update

The JSON for the StudentDiscipineIncidentAssociations and DisciplineActions resources are updated:

  • The _ext section now publishes correctly.
  • The disciplineActionLength field now publishes with decimal values.
  • The actualDisciplineActionLength field is removed from the publishing resource elements.
PSSR-223723ADVISER: Dual Credit Publishing Update

The publishing of Dual Credit on the StudentSectionAssociation resource is updated to use the following rules for publishing:

  • When a grade record has a dual credit override of 1 or 2, then the override value is published.
  • Otherwise, the section dual credit value is published.
    • If the section dual credit value is blank, a default of 0 is published.
PSSR-227521ADVISER: Special Programs Import Update

Special Programs now publish after import when using Publish All or Publish Missing processes. You no longer need to submit each record individually.

PSSR-225436ADVISER: StudentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociations Update

StudentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociation resource publishing is updated and simplified. Any changes to the legacy EL ELigibility and EL Participant fields do not cause any triggers to publish data to ADVISER. The new rule uses the English Proficiency and Instructional Services fields only.

  • When English Proficiency (S_NE_STU_LEP_X.English_Prof) is 11,12,13 or Instructional Services (S_NE_STU_LEP_X.Instructional_Services) is not null, then StudentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociation resource will publish a record.
PSSR-223247ADVISER: StudentSectionAssociation Resource Update

The beginDate on the StudentSectionAssociation reference in the Grades record now matches the beginDate of the corresponding StudentSectionAssociation record.

PSSR-214857ADVISER: Updates to Publishing Grades of Remote Section Enrollments

When a student is enrolled in a class at another school (remote enrollment), the StudentSectionAssociation publishes but Grades are not published. This issue is resolved and Grades for the remote section enrollments publish successfully.

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