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S_NE_GEN_X (ver 15.9.0)

This table is an extension of the GEN table.

Column Name


Data Type


GenDCID15.9.0Number(10,0)Primary key.
ActivityCoordinator_UsersDCUD15.9.0Number(10,0)Staff member's DCID associated with the Activity.
State_ExcludeFromReporting15.9.0Number(1,0)Is this Activity excluded from state reporting.
LEARNING_MODALITY21.9.2NUMBER(1,0)Column to store Learning Modality Field value.
Modality_Type21.9.2VARCHAR2(1 CHAR)Column to store Modality Type Field value.
MODALITY_TIME_TYPE21.9.2VARCHAR2(1 CHAR)Column to store Modality Time Type Field value.
Modality_Time_Inperson21.9.2NUMBER(25,10)Column to store Modality Time In-person Field value.
Modality_Time_Remote21.9.2NUMBER(25,10)Column to store Modality Time Remote Field value.
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