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Discipline Incident Letters Report



This report generates letters for discipline incidents based on data from the Incident Management module. To print letters, the report uses templates set up for each school at the district level. Multiple templates can be defined for each school.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria are outlined in the Report Input table below.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.

Current Selection StudentsSelect to either create the letter for only the currently selected students or for all students.

Incident Start Date

Enter the start date of the reporting period.

Note: Incidents will be included based on the Incident Date, not the Action Date.

Incident End Date

Enter the end date of the reporting period.

Include School HeaderChoose whether to print the School Name and Principal at the top of each letter or to leave blank lines if the letters are going to be printed on paper with a pre-printed school letterhead.
Letter To UseChoose the Letter with the appropriate action code. Students whose incidents are attached to the matching Incident Type and Action Code for that Letter Id will be generated.
Include BehaviorIf Yes is selected, the Behavior associated with the Incident will be printed as part of the Letter detail.
Include DurationIf Yes is selected, the Duration of the Action (e.g. number of days suspended) will be printed as part of the Letter detail.
Include ObjectIf Yes is selected, the Object associated with the incident will be printed as part of the Letter detail.
Include Action Taken Detail CommentsIf Include Action Take Detail Comments is checked, the comments associated with the Action Taken will be printed as part of the Letter detail.

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Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Note: A message “No records found in the selected date range” is displayed in the Report Output if there are no incident records within the reporting dates.

Data Element



SchoolThe school name.[S_IM_Letter_Setup_S]SchoolID
School AddressThe school address.




School PhoneThe phone number of the school.[Schools]Phone
Principal NameThe name of the school's principal.[Schools]Principal
Issued DateThe date the letter was issued.Generated
Paragraph 1The opening paragraph of the letter.[S_IM_Letter_Setup_S]OpeningParagraph

Student ID

The student number.


Full Name

The name of the offending student.




Date of BirthThe student's date of birth.[Students]DOB
GenderThe Student's gender[Students]Gender
AddressThe student's address. 





Incident Occurred AtThe school at which the incident occurred. [Incident]School_Number
DateThe date the incident occurred.[Incident]Incident_TS
ActionThe action taken against the student as result of the incident.



Start/End DateThe start and end date of the disciplinary action.



DurationThe duration of the disciplinary action.[Incident_Action]Duration_Actual
Action Taken DetailAny comments surrounding the action.[Incident_Action]Action_Resolved_Desc
BehaviorThe behavior the offender exhibited.

[Incident_LU_Code]Code_Type = behaviorcode

[Incident_LU_Sub_Code]Sub_Category derived from behaviorcode

ObjectThe object used during the incident.



Paragraph 2The closing paragraph of the letter.[S_IM_Letter_Setup_S]ClosingParagraph
SignatureThe signature on the letter.[S_IM_Letter_Setup_S]Signature

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