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Descriptors (State Codes)

This category captures the descriptors defined by the state and used in subsequent publishing to the state.

The Ed-Fi Descriptor category is used to describe metadata about the descriptors and their structure. It is used to define enumeration vocabularies that are not fixed within the Ed-Fi schema, and whose values vary according to each state's Ed-Fi implementation.

  • Descriptors provide states, districts, vendors, and other users of the Ed-Fi solution with the flexibility to use their own enumerations and code sets without modifying the Ed-Fi core schema.
  • Descriptor values are defined at the state level and downloaded from the state Ed-Fi Data Hub.
  • This information is downloaded and stored in PowerSchool publishing tables, and is used with data quality checks to ensure all data is compliant before uploading to the Ed-Fi ODS.
  • As Ed-Fi data is subsequently published to the state Ed-Fi Data Hub, any data element whose name ends in "Descriptor" or "Type" will be output using one of the valid code values specified by the state.

Downloaded Code Set Summary

This view provides a summary of the Descriptors as defined by the Nebraska Department of Education, and downloaded into PowerSchool. The view includes the Code Set Name and Description, along with a count of the corresponding Code Values Defined for each descriptor, and the date of the Last Update. The download includes the Descriptors used in the current Nebraska Ed-Fi implementation, as well as the broader list of items defined within the Ed-Fi specification that may be used in future phases.

Descriptor Name


Academic Subjects

This descriptor defines academic content or subject areas.


This descriptor defines how an assessment is taken.

Achievement Category

This descriptor defines learner achievement categories.

Administrative Funding Controls

This descriptor defines the type of funding source for education (e.g., private or public).

Assessment Periods

This descriptor defines the time period when an assessment is to be administered.

Attendance Event Category

This descriptor defines attendance event categories.

Behavior Category

This descriptor defines behavior categories describing a discipline incident.

Calendar Events

This descriptor defines the types of scheduled or unscheduled events for a day.

Classroom Positions

This descriptor defines the type of position the staff member holds in a specific classroom.

Competency Levels

This descriptor defines various levels for assessed competencies.

Continuation of Service Reasons

This descriptor defines the reasons that allow continuation of services.

Credential Fields

This descriptor defines the fields of certification that the SEA offers to teachers.


This descriptor defines diagnoses that interventions are intended to target.


This descriptor defines a child's impairment.


This descriptor defines the type of action or removal from the classroom.

Dual Credit

This descriptor defines if a student earned both high school and postsecondary credit.

Early Learning Setting

This descriptor defines the classroom setting for program participation by a student.

Employment Statuses

This descriptor defines the type of employment or contract.

English Proficient Redesignation

This descriptor defines the fluency status of former ELL students.

Entry Types

This descriptor defines the process by which a student enters a school during a given academic session.

Exit Withdraw Types

This descriptor defines the circumstances under which the student exited the educational institution.

Grade Levels

This descriptor defines the grade levels definitions.

Grading Periods

This descriptor defines the names for the period for which grades are reported.

Graduation Plan Types

This descriptor defines graduation plan types.

Immigrant Indicators

This descriptor indicates a student is an immigrant.


This descriptor defines the languages that are written or spoken.


This descriptor defines the grade levels certified for teaching.

Levels Of Education

This descriptor defines achievable levels of education.

Levels Of Program Participation

This descriptor defines additional information for student program participation.

Limited English Proficiency Indicators

This descriptor indicates the student has been identified as Limited English Proficient.

Limited English Proficient Duration

This descriptor indicates the duration a student has been identified as Limited English Proficient.

Para Professional Assessment Passed

This descriptor defines the passing score of the paraprofessional assessment passed.

Performance Levels

This descriptor defines levels or thresholds for performance on an assessment.

Placement Types

This descriptor defines student placement type.

Position Titles

This descriptor defines the position titles that are recognized by the state.

Post Graduate Activity

This descriptor defines activities of students after completion.

Post Graduate Activity Determination

This descriptor defines the determination of student activities after completion.

Primary Night Time Residence

This descriptor defines the primary student residence after hours.

Program Assignments

This descriptor defines education program names assigned to teachers.

Reasons Exited

This descriptor defines the reasons a student exited a program.

Reporter Descriptions

This descriptor defines the type of individual who reported an incident.

Residency Status Indicators

This descriptor defines indications of location of a person's legal residence relative to this school.

Responsibility Types

This descriptor defines types of responsibility an education organization may have for a student, for example, accountability, attendance, funding.

School Food Service Eligibility Types

This descriptor defines indications of a student's level of eligibility for breakfast, lunch, snack, supper, and milk programs.

Section Characteristics

This descriptor defines characteristics of a section, such as whether attendance is taken.

Separation Reasons

This descriptor defines the reasons for terminating employment.


This descriptor defines Services provided by an education organization for students in programs.

Special Education Settings

This descriptor defines the major instrument setting (more than 50 percent of student spec ed program).

Staff Classifications

This descriptor defines individual title of employment, official status, and rank.

Student Characteristics

This descriptor defines student characteristics.

Teaching Credential Types

This descriptor defines categories of legal document giving authorization to teach.

Technical Skill Attainments

This descriptor defines technical skills attained based on highest rated method.


This descriptor defines the types of weapon used during an incident.

Downloaded Code Set Values

This view provides a complete list of Descriptor values by code set (state codes) as defined by the Nebraska Department of Education, and downloaded into PowerSchool. Descriptors are used to categorize data for publishing to the Ed-Fi dashboards. The view provides the Code Set Name, Code Value, Description, Effective Begin Date, and Effective End Date (if applicable). For details about the specific code values, which are not included here, visit the Descriptors (state code) category on the PowerSchool Ed-Fi Reporting page.

Local district and/or school codes must be mapped to these state descriptor values for data to be successfully published. In most cases, this mapping is handled internally within the PowerSchool Ed-Fi business logic. In some cases, local codes must be mapped by the district on the PowerSchool Ed-Fi Codes Set Mappings page. District personnel can access the Ed-Fi Codes Set Mappings page on the System Administrator page. If this page does not contain data, select [Run Now] on the Ed-Fi State Reporting page to download descriptor code values from the state Ed-Fi Data Hub.

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