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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-284300Primary Language Code Set Updates
  • Obsolete language codes are removed from the Primary/Native Language dropdown list In State/Province - ND > EL/Imm/Ref.
  • On the Other Information page, the same dropdown list and smart search feature are added to the Primary Language field.
PSSR-289554Schema Update Modifications for Staff Legal Names

The reposchema preference names for the Staff Legal fields in the Prefs table are shortened to conform to the fifty character maximum length, and duplicates are removed from the table.

PSSR-286007School Staff Fields Migration and North Dakota Staff Data Collection Updates

Updates to the North Dakota Staff fields and data collection pages are now available.

  • Migrate School Staff Fields to Users Table
    • All data elements in the S_ND_SSF_X table are migrated to the S_ND_USR_X table to support the collection of a single record per staff member. The migration occurs automatically when the state reporting update is applied.
      • The migrated fields have the same database column names as in the original School Staff extension with two exceptions as noted below.
      • The following database column names are updated for consistency:
        • S_ND_SSF_X.PositionIDOther2 is migrated to S_ND_USR_X.PositionCodeOther2.
        • S_ND_SSF_X.ResponsibilityIDOther2 is migrated to S_ND_USR_X.ResponsibilityCodeOther2.
    • Only the data from the staff member's home school affiliation are migrated.
      • All active staff members are included.
      • Inactive staff with a school or district affiliation are included.
      • Inactive staff with no school or district affiliation are excluded.
    • Existing data in the North Dakota School Staff extension table are left intact, but are now considered obsolete.
  • ND Staff Information Page Updates: Admin and Teacher Portals
    • Both Staff Information pages are updated to reference the fields migrated to the North Dakota extension table of Users.
    • The Non-Instructional Course data collection as already implemented in the Admin Portal is added to the ND Staff Information Page in the Teacher Portal.
    • A new Non-Instructional Course value of (00046) Dyslexia Specialist is added to the dropdown list for records dated within the 2022-23 school year.
    • Data entry validations for Non-Instructional Course records are added to ensure uniqueness.
      • For each record, the combination of Teacher (User), School Year and Course Code must be unique unless the value for Other School is different in another record.
      • Multiple records for the same Teacher, School Year and Course are allowed as long as each record has a unique value for the Other School field.
    • A new code of (777777) Out of Country College or University is added to the dropdown lists for the "Highest Degree Educational Institute Code" and "Bachelor Degree Educational Instituteā€ fields.
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