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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-237779Exit Code Validation Updated for Code 85

Data entry validations against the Exit Code field are updated to support a new Exit Code of 85. The validations are updated on all of the Transfer Info and enrollment function pages, and the warning message is also updated for clarity.

PSSR-239323Review and Update North Dakota State Fields in Transfer Info and Enrollment Function pages

The behavior of the following North Dakota state fields has been verified and updated where needed to ensure that values save as expected when entered on the Transfer Info and Enrollment Function pages. The values save as expected to the North Dakota Students and ReRenrollments extension tables when students are transferred out and reenrolled.

  • Alt Ed: S_ND_STU_X.AltEd and S_ND_REN_X.AltEd
  • Program Section Code: S_ND_STU_X.ProgramSectionCode and S_ND_REN_X].ProgramSectionCode
  • Transfer From State: S_ND_STU_X.XferFromState and S_ND_REN_X.XferFromState
  • Transfer From City: S_ND_STU_X.XferFromCity and S_ND_REN_X.XferFromCity
  • Transfer From School: S_ND_STU_X.XferFromSchool and S_ND_REN_X.XferFromSchool
  • Transfer To State: S_ND_STU_X.XferToState and S_ND_REN_X.XferToState
  • Transfer To City: S_ND_STU_X.XferToCity and S_ND_REN_X.XferToCity
  • Transfer To School: S_ND_STU_X.XferToSchool and S_ND_REN_X.XferToSchool
PSSR-237991Section 504 Status Now Captured in ReEnrollments

A new column is added to the North Dakota ReEnrollments extension table: S_ND_REN_X.Section504. Section 504 is now available as a checkbox field on the Previous Enrollment pages in Transfer Info, positioned directly after the existing field for Parent Refused EL Services. When students transfer out and are subsequently re-enrolled, the Section 504 status for the student is now captured in the Re-enrollments record.

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