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Additional Resources

PowerSchool Online Help

For more information on using PowerSchool and working with PowerSchool screens and fields, see the PowerSchool online help. Tip: Open the Online Help by clicking the Help link in the upper-right corner of any PowerSchool page and choosing "System Help".


Visit PowerSource, the PowerSchool customer portal to view or download:

  • PowerSchool User Guides and Knowledgebase articles.
  • PowerSchool training videos
  • PowerSchool Catholic User Group Forum
  • PowerSchool training calendar and class locations
  • Online technical support

Note: A user name and password are required to access PowerSource.

PowerSchool Data Dictionary (Non-State Reporting)

For more information on PowerSchool tables and fields, see the PowerSchool Data Dictionary, which identifies all tables in the database, and provides table column definitions, field data types, and field descriptions.

National Catholic School Educational Association

For more information on National Catholic School Educational Association reporting, visit the NCEA Data and Information page:

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