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S_NC_STU_AIGID_C (ver 13.6.0)

This table is a child table of the Students table that stores information about the Academically and Intellectually Gifted Identification information.

Column Name


Data Type



The date the next AIG review is due.

BEGIN_SERVICE_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe date the service began for this plan.
END_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe date the service ended for this plan.
EVIDENCE_OTHER_NOTES13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1000)Notes for other identification evidence information.
ID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Primary key
INITIAL_REVIEW_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe initial review date for this student's plan.
NOMINATION_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe date the student was nominated for AIG.
PLACEMENT_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe date the student was placed into the AIG program.
SCHOOLID13.6.0 NUMBER(11,0)The school id for this plan.
SCHOOL_NAME13.6.0 VARCHAR2(60)The name of the school for this plan.
SELECT_CLASS_PERF13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on class performance.
SELECT_FAMILY_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on family input.
SELECT_INTERVIEW13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on a personal interview.
SELECT_OTHER_INFO13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on other information.
SELECT_STUDENT_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on student input.
SELECT_STUDENT_PERF13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on student performance.
SELECT_STUDENT_PORTFOLIO13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on the student portfolio.
SELECT_TEACHER_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on teacher input.
SELECT_TEST_NORMED13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on Normed test scores.
SELECT_TEST_OTHER13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on other test scores.
SELECT_TEST_SCHOOL13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on school test scores.
SELECT_TEST_STATE13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the student was selected based on state test scores.
START_DATE13.6.0 DATEThe start date of the identification plan.
STUDENTSDCID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Foreign key that links to the students table.
TEXT_CLASS_PERF13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the class performance.
TEXT_FAMILY_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the family input.
TEXT_INTERVIEW13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the student interview.
TEXT_OTHER_INFO13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the other information.
TEXT_STUDENT_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the student input.
TEXT_STUDENT_PERF13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the student performance.
TEXT_STUDENT_PORTFOLIO13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the student portfolio.
TEXT_TEACHER_INPUT13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the teacher input.
TEXT_TEST_NORMED13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the normed test scores.
TEXT_TEST_OTHER13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the other test scores.
TEXT_TEST_SCHOOL13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the school test scores.
TEXT_TEST_STATE13.6.0 VARCHAR2(128)Notes on the state test scores.

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