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S_NC_SAR_SCHED_DETAIL (ver 13.6.0)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information used in the School Activity Report Detail view.

Column Name


Data Type


BELL_SCHEDULE_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)This links to the Bell_Schedule table.
CYCLE_DAY_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)This links to the Cycle_Day table.
CYCLE_DAY_LETTER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(2)This indicates the Day part of the expression for a section. If a section meets on multiple days there will be a record for each day that the section meets.
MINUTES_ATTENDED 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)This indicates the number of minutes the class meets for this period and cycle day.
PERIOD_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)This links to the Period table.
PERIOD_NUMBER 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)This indicates the period number from the Period table based on the period_id from the section.
RPT_RUN_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SECTION_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The internal section id of the section.
SECTION_NUMBER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)The section number of the section.
TERM_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The term id that this section meets.

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