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This table is a stand alone table that stores information used in the School Activity Report Detail view.

Column Name


Data Type


RPT_RUN_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SCHOOL_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The school number where the section is taught.
SECTIONID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The internal section id of the section the student is enrolled.
STUDENTID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Foreign key that links to the students table.
TERMID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Termid of the section the student is enrolled.

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