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S_NC_RPT_SAR_DETAIL_TBL (ver 13.6.0)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information used in the School Activity Report view particularly the SAR Detail view.

Column Name


Data Type


AIG_EXCP 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The code for the student's Academically & Intellectually Gifted status.
COURSE_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)The course name of the student's enrollment record.
COURSE_NUMBER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(30)The course number of the student's enrollment record.
INSTANCE_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The ID linking this row to a specific row in the CST_DSHReportSubmissions table.
LEA_ID 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The LEA number for this student's enrollment record.
PERIOD_DAY 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(80)Indicates the expression for this section.
PRIMARY_EXCP 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The student's Primary exceptionality code if the student is in the Exceptional Childhood program.
RPT_RUN_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SCHOOL_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Indicates the school number where this section is taught.
SECTION_NUMBER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)Indicates the section number for this section.
STAFF_DUTY_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)Indicates all of the staff duty codes associated to the staff on this section (see each staff and Staff Duties)
STAFF_DUTY_DESC 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)Indicates all of the staff duty descriptions associated to the staff on this section.
STAFF_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)Indicates the staff that teaches in this section.
STAFF_ROLE_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)Indicates all of the staff roles associated to this section from Roles Administration.
STAFF_ROLE_DESC 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)Indicates all of the staff role descriptions associated to this section.
STAFF_SSN 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(500)Indicates all of the staff social security numbers associated to this section.
STAFF_UID 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(500)Indicates all of the state staff numbers associated to this section.
STUDENT_GRADE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)Indicates the grade level for the student on this record.
STUDENT_ID 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(12)Indicates the student number for this student.
STUDENT_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(200)Indicates the name of the student enrolled in this section.
TERM 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)Indicates the term description for this section.

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