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S_NC_RPT_RPG_DETAIL (ver 13.6.0)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information used in the Retention Promotion Detail View.

Column Name


Data Type


AGE 13.6.0 NUMBER(2,0)The age of the student calculated on the run date.
EIXT_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)The student's exit code.
EOSS_STATUS 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The student's end of summer school promotion/retention status.
EOY_MLD 13.6.0 CHARThe student's membership on the last day status.
EOY_STATUS 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The student's end of year promotion/retention status.
ETHNIC_DESC 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The description of the student's ethnicity.
GENDER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(2)The student's gender.
GRADE_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The state grade level code for the student.
GRADE_LEVEL 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The PowerSchool grade level code for the student.
HAS_FATALS 13.6.0 CHARIndicates that data on this record will cause a fatal.
LAST_FIRST 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)The student's last name.
PRIM_EXCP 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The student's primary EC exceptionality.
RPT_RUN_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SS_TYPE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)Indicates if the student's summer school type is LOCS or not. They must have a course in stored grades coded in How Taken as LOCS.
STATE_ETHNIC_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)The student's ethnicity code.
STATE_STUDENTID 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The student's state student number.
STUDENTID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)The internal student id.
W4_STUDENT 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)Indicates if the student was an early/mid-year graduate.

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