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S_NC_RPT_DROP_DETAIL (ver 13.6.0)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information used in the student dropout report views.

Column Name


Data Type


AIG_EXCP 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The student's Academic & Intellectually Gifted exceptionality code.
DROPOUT_REASON 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(7)The student's dropout reason code.
DROPOUT_REASON_DESC 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(7)The studnet's dropout reason code description.
ETHNIC_DESC 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The description of the state ethnicity code.
EXITCODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)The student's last exit code from the prior year.
EXITDATE 13.6.0 DATEThe student's exit date from the prior year.
FIRST_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)Indicates the student's first name.
GENDER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(2)Indicates the student's gender.
GRADE_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)Indicates the state grade level code.
GRADE_LEVEL 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)Indicates the student's grade level.
HAS_FATALS 13.6.0 CHARIndicates if the record has data that causes a fatal exception. This will not be included in the final summary reports.
LAST_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)Indicates the student's last name.
LEA_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)Indicates the name of the LEA where the record was created.
MATCH_ENROL_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The entry code associated with the matched enrollment record
MATCH_ENROL_DATE 13.6.0 DATEThe entry date associated with the matched enrollment record
MATCH_EXIT_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The exit code, if any, returned by the match process for an enrollment record
MATCH_EXIT_DATE 13.6.0 DATEThe exit date, if any, returned by the match process for an enrollment record
MATCH_LEA_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)LEA Name where student is found enrolled in the current school year
MATCH_LEA_NUM 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The district ID when a match is found.  Note this field is always 3 alphanumeric characters.
MATCH_SCHOOL_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)School Name where student is found enrolled in the current school year
MATCH_SCHOOL_NUM 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)The school ID of the school when a match is found
MATCH_SCHOOL_PHONE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(31)Phone number where the student is now attending
PREF_SCHOOL_YEAR 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)The previous school year.
PRIM_EXCP 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(50)The student's primary exceptionality code.
RPT_RUN_ID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SCHOOL_NAME 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(100)Indicates the name of the school reporting the student as a dropout.
SCHOOL_NUMBER 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)Indicate the school number of the school reporting the student as a dropout.
STATE_ETHNIC_CODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(1)The code for the state ethnicity.
STATE_EXITCODE 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(4)The student's
STATE_STUDENTID 13.6.0 VARCHAR2(20)Indicates the state student number.
STUDENTID 13.6.0 NUMBER(,)Indicates the student number.
VERIFIED_DROPOUT 13.6.0 CHARIndicates whether the district has verified that the student is a dropout and checked the verified dropout checkbox.
WITHDRAWAL_AGE 13.6.0 CHARThe age of the student at the time the report was run.

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