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S_NC_RPT_CRDC_STU_DETAIL_1 (ver 20.7.1)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information about the Student detail for the Civil Rights Data Collection Part 1.

Column Name


Data Type


AGE13.6.0 NUMBER(6,0)The student's age on snapshot.
CREDIT_RECOVERY18.11.0NUMBER(10,0)Indicates this student took a credit recovery class.Moved from Stu Detail 2 in 17-18.
CROSSENROLLEDSCHOOL20.7.1NUMBER(10,0)Cross enrolled school name.
DUALENROLL13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Indicates the student took dual enrollment classes.
ENROLLEDADVMATH13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took advanced math classes.
ENROLLEDALGEBRAI13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Algebra I classes.
ENROLLEDALGEBRAII13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Algebra II classes.
ENROLLEDAP13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Advance Placement classes.
ENROLLEDAPCS18.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Advanced Placement Computer Science classes.
ENROLLEDAPMATH13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Advanced Placement Math classes.
ENROLLEDAPOTHER13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Advanced Placement Other classes.
ENROLLEDAPSCIENCE13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Advanced Placement Science classes.
ENROLLEDBIOLOGY13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Biology classes.
ENROLLEDCALCULUS13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Calculus classes.
ENROLLEDCHEMISTRY13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Chemistry classes.
ENROLLEDCOMPUTERSCIENCE18.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Computer Science classes.
ENROLLEDDISTLEARNPROG18.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates this student enrolled in a Distance Learning Program Moved from Stu Detail 2 in 17-18.
ENROLLEDGEDPREPPROG18.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates this student enrolled in a High School Equivalency degree program..Moved from Stu Detail 2 in 17-18.
ENROLLEDGEOMETRY13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Geometry classes.
ENROLLEDIBDIPLOMAPROGRAM13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is in the International Baccalaureate program.
ENROLLEDPHYSICS13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took Physic classes.
ENROLLEDSINGLESEX13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student took single gender classes.
ETHNICITY13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)The student's ethnicity code.
GENDER13.6.0 VARCHAR2(10)Has student's gender.
GIFTEDTALENTED13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is gifted and talented.
GRADELEVEL13.6.0 NUMBER(6,0)The student's grade level.
IDEA13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is IDEA.
ISCROSSENROLLED 20.7.1NUMBER(1,0)It indicates that student is enrolled in multiple school.
LEPPROGRAM13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is being served in the Limited English Proficiency program.
LEPQUALIFIED13.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is identified as Limited English Proficiency.
NUMINTSCHSINGSEXSPORT20.7.1NUMBER(10,0)Number of single-gender interscholastic sports.
PASSEDALGEBRAI18.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student passed Algebra I.Moved from Stu Detail 2 in 17-18.
RPT_RUN_ID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Indicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SCHOOLID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The internal id number of the school.
SECTION50413.6.0 NUMBER(1,0)Indicates the student is 504.
STUDENTDCID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)Foreign key to link to the students table.
STUDENTID13.6.0 NUMBER(10,0)The internal id of the student.

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