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S_NC_RPT_AMC (ver 21.2.2)

This table is a stand alone table that stores information about the advance math enrollment of students that are reported on the Advanced Mathematics Course Enrollment (AMC) collection .

Column Name


Data Type


ACHIEVEMENT_LEVEL21.2.2VARCHAR2(20 CHAR)Score in Achievement Level type test (V,LEVEL V,LEVEL 5).
ADVANCED_COURSE21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)It indicates if course type is advance math course (Y/N).
AIG_STATUS21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)It indicates if student is enrolled in AIG program  (Y/N).
CURRENT_COURSE21.2.2VARCHAR2(11 CHAR)It indicates current year math course number for a student.
EC_STATUS21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)It indicates Exceptional (EC) students (Y/N).
ENGLISH_LANGUAGE_STATUS21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)English Language Status (Y/N).
ETHNICITY21.2.2VARCHAR2(20 CHAR)It indicates student's race.
GRADE_LEVEL21.2.2NUMBER(10,0)Indicates the student's grade level.
HOMELESS_STATUS21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)It indicates student's  Homeless status(Y/N).
MIGRANT_STATUS21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)It indicates student's  Migrant status(Y/N).
PREVIOUS_COURSE21.2.2VARCHAR2(11 CHAR)It indicates previous year math course number for a student.
PREVIOUS_COURSE_ASSESSMENT21.2.2VARCHAR2(35 CHAR)It indicates previous course assessment name.
RPT_RUN_ID21.2.2NUMBERIndicates the unique report run ID for this run. This links to the S_NC_RPT_RUN table to identify the LEA, School, Report Type, Instance ID, and Year ID.
SCHOOL_NAME21.2.2VARCHAR2(60 CHAR)The name of the school
SCHOOL_NUMBER21.2.2NUMBER(10,0)The school number.
SEX21.2.2VARCHAR2(2 CHAR)Indicates student's Gender.
STUDENT_NAME21.2.2VARCHAR2(135 CHAR)Student Name.
STUDENT_NUMBER21.2.2FLOATStudent Number.
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