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S_NC_LEP_COUNTS (ver 14.10.0)

This is a standalone table that stores information about LEP Counts.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
K1314.10.0Number(11,0)The number of students in grades Kindergarten through 12 that are LEP.
LEA_Number14.10.0Number(11,0)The number of the LEA.
PreK14.10.0Number(11,0)The number of PreKindergarten students that are LEP.
Private_School14.10.0Number(11,0)The number of students that are LEP and at a private school.
SchoolID14.10.0Number(11,0)The number for the school.
Submitted_By14.10.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person submitting the report.
Withdrew_K1314.10.0Number(11,0)The number of LEP students that withdrew that are in grades Kindergarten through 13.
Withdrew_PreK14.10.0Number(11,0)The number of LEP students that withdrew that are in PreKindergarten.
Withdrew_Private_School14.10.0Number(11,0)The number of LEP students that withdrew that are at a private school.
YearID14.10.0Number(11,0)The year id for this record.
ID14.10.0Number(19,0)Primary Key.
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