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S_NC_AE_TEAMINFO (ver 14.12.0)

This table is a child table of the S_NC_AE_TeamInfo table.

Column Name


Data Type


COACH14.12.0VARCHAR2(60)Faculty name designated as coach.

COACH_USER_ID14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Faculty UsersDCID designated as coach.
FACULTY14.12.0VARCHAR2(60)Secondary faculty assigned to the team.
FACULTY_USER_ID14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Faculty UsersDCOD for secondary faculty assigned to the team.
GENDER14.12.0VARCHAR2(1)Gender the team identifies as.
ID14.12.0NUMBER(19,0)Primary Key.
SCHOOL_NUMBER14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)School the team belong to.
SCHOOL_YEAR14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)School year the team was active.
SEASON14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Season in which the team plays.
SPORT14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Sport team participates in.
SPORT_LEVEL14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Level team competes at.
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