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S_NC_AE_STUDENTINFO (ver 14.12.0)

This table is an extension of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type


AMATEUR_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of waiver of amateur policy.

AMATEUR_MET14.12.0VARCHAR2(6)Student complies with amateur policy.
ATHLETIC_9TH_GRADE_ENTRY14.12.0DATE9th grade entry date used in case of override.
FOUR_SEASON_TEAM14.12.0VARCHAR2(100)IDS of the sports this student participated in for 4 seasons.
GRADE_9_ENTRY_OVERRIDE14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Overrides the calculated 9th grade entry date.
LAST_PHYSICAL_DATE14.12.0DATEDate of last physical exam.
LOCAL_REQ_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of waiver of local requirements policy.
LOCAL_REQ_MET14.12.0VARCHAR2(6)Student complies with the local requirements policy.
MEMBERSHIP_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of waiver of membership policy.
MEMBERSHIP_MET14.12.0VARCHAR2(6)Student complies with membership policy.
NON_FELON14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Student has not been convicted of a felony.
OVERALL_OVERRIDE14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Override of all participation requirements.
OVERALL_OVERRIDE_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of overall override.
PARENT_FORM_SIGN_DATE14.12.0DATEDate parent signed GFeller Waller Form.
PHYSICAL_RENEW_BY_DATE14.12.0DATEDate physical exam to be renewed.
PHYSICAL_RESULT14.12.0NUMBER(11,0)Result of last physical exam.
RESIDENCY_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of waiver of residency policy.
RESIDENCY_MET14.12.0VARCHAR2(6)Student complies with residency policy.
STUDENTSDCID14.12.0NUMBER(19,0)A foreign key that relates the extended table to the [Students] table.
TRANSFER_POLICY_MEMO14.12.0VARCHAR2(250)Explanation of waiver of transfer policy.
TRANSFER_POLICY_MET14.12.0VARCHAR2(6)Student complies with transfer policy.
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