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Run Data Collection

Run a data collection from the Dashboard.

  1. On the Start Page, click State Reports. The State Reporting Dashboard page appears and displays a prioritized list of current and archived state data collections.
    • The state data collection list is sorted by Submission Start Date to indicate which collection should be processed next.
    • While some collections are only run once a year and others (like PMR) are recurring, each collection displays status information for the next due date.
    Note: For LEA Views Only: All LEA Views will only reflect schools that have already collected their data.
  2. Click Run next to the applicable collection. The system validates the data against the business rules configured for the collection. Once the collection process is completed, the following options display on the Dashboard:




Click to view the Review page, where you can review and validate your data collections. You can review different data views, as well as any exceptions found in the data.  Users can also export the views for analysis.


Displays only when no fatal errors exist for the data collection. The school approves the data collection to the LEA.  The LEA approves the data collection to NCDPI.


Displays for the LEA only. When the LEA unapproves a data collection, it is returned to the school to correct and approve.

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