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Review Exceptions

If there is missing information or a data quality issue when a collection is generated, exceptions display on the Review page.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Review. The Review page appears.
  2. Select Exceptions from the Reviews drop-down menu. Exceptions are associated with a data collection display.
  3. Select the exception type from the Choose exception drop-down menu. The Business Rule and Steps to Correct for the selected exception type appear on the page.

Types of exceptions you might encounter:

    • Informational: Provides feedback regarding the data collection. If the information is correct, no further action is required. The data collection can be approved to the LEA.
    • Warning: An abnormal condition is detected with the data collection. PowerSchool is able to handle this condition without failing. Take the required action and rerun the collection prior to approval to the LEA.
    • Fatal: Fatal exceptions must be corrected. Take the required action and rerun the data collection prior to approval to the LEA.

Note: Refer to the Validation Reports section for detailed list of data validation and user interface validation checks for each data collection. This section provides information and the necessary steps to correct exceptions, if applicable.

4. The Results section displays detailed information associated with the selected exception.

Note: Use the arrow keys and links to navigate through the search results.

5. To narrow your search, select one or more filters, if available.
6. Click Refresh.

The Results section displays the filtered exception results specific for the selected data view.

7. Resolve the exception, if applicable.

Note: Exception views are read-only. Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.

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