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How to Locate Duplicate Student Records

  1. On the start page, click Enroll New Student. The Enroll New Student page appears.
  2. Use the following table to enter information in the Student Information section:



Student's Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the student's name (last, first, then middle initial or name). Names that include spaces (such as Mary Jo) can be included in any of the three fields. The maximum number of characters and spaces is 20 for the last name field, 20 for the first name field, and 15 for the middle name field.


Enter the student's date of birth using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you enter a date of birth, students with the same name and the same date of birth will appear as potential duplicate student records. If you enter a date of birth that does not match any existing student records with the same name, the new enrollment will not be considered a potential duplicate.

If you do not enter a date of birth, only the Name, Phone Number, and Social Security Number fields are considered when checking for duplicate students.

Student Number

If available, enter the student number. If you leave this blank, one will be assigned to the student. If the student has already been assigned a student number, that number will be used in place of the one entered here. The Student Number and State Student ID are the same number.


Select the student gender from the pop-up menu.

Social Security Number

Enter the student's Social Security number.

Phone Number

Enter the student's phone number.

Enrollment Date

If it is not the date displayed, enter the student enrollment date using the format mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. If you do not use this format, an alert appears. If you submit the date with an incorrect format, the date field is submitted as a blank entry.

Full-Time Equivalency


Grade Level

Choose the grade level the student will be in when he or she enters your school from the pop-up menu.

Entry Code

Choose the reason the student is entering your school from the pop-up menu.


Choose the student's track from the pop-up menu.

Note: For more information, see Calendar Setup.

District of Residence

Choose the district in which the student lives from the pop-up menu.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can click District of Residence to access the Districts of Residence page.

Note: For more information, see Districts of Residence.

Fee Exemption Status

Choose the student's fee exemption status from the pop-up menu in the School Fee Information section:

  • Student not Exempted
  • Student Exempted from Course Fees
  • Student Exempted from School Fees
  • Student Exempted from All Fees

School and course enrollment fees are automatically assigned to students when they enroll in school or in a course. Students can be exempted individually from having these fees assigned to them automatically by using the Fee Exemption Status pop-up menu. While you can indicate to the system that school and/or course enrollment fees are not to be assigned automatically, this does not prohibit fees being assigned manually.

Note: For information about exempting a group of students, see School Information.


The school in which you are enrolling the student.

3. Use the following table to enter information in the Information for Family Match section:



Enroll without Linking or Copying Information

Select this option to skip all linking and copying functions. All other standard enrollment functions occur when you click Submit. Use for students with no known siblings in the district.

Search for Family Members to Link to and Copy Information From

Select this option to initiate a search for potential family members from which shared data can be copied when you click Submit.

Note: The search for siblings performs an “or” search. Students with active or inactive status who match any of the search criteria display on the search results page as a potential sibling. For example, if you enter the mother’s name along with the street address, a student who has the same mother’s name or the same street address displays on the resulting search page.

Family ID

Enter the family ID, if applicable.

Note: This field is provided only for districts and schools that used it previously to associate related students. Family management functionality is based upon relationships stored in the Relationships table.

Mother’s Name

Name of the enrolling student’s mother.

Father’s Name

Name of the enrolling student’s father.

Guardian’s Name

Name of the enrolling student’s guardian.

Sibling’s Name
(Last, First)

Name of a sibling who is also a student within the district. There are two separate fields since a student’s name is stored as unique fields for last name and first name.

Include Student’s Last Name in Search

Select the checkbox to include the last name of the enrolling student in the family match search. All students who share the same last name will be included in the search results.

Street, Apt/Suite

Enter the street address in the first field, and apartment or suite number in the second field, if any.

City, State, Zip

Enter the city, state, and zip code for the street address.


The latitude/longitude pair that represents the geographical location of the home address. This field is read-only and is automatically generated when the address is validated or imported. For more information about geocodes, see Address Management.

Click Validate to perform address validation. For more information about performing address validation, see Perform Interactive Address Validation.

4. Click Submit. PowerSchool searches for duplicate student records.

No Matching Records

  1. If there are no records matching that of the new student, the Check for Existing Students page appears, and a new Student ID is generated.
  2. Click Next. You can then add classes to the student's schedule. For more information, see Add Section Enrollments.

Exact Record Match

  1. If there is an exact match to the new record you are creating, the Check for Existing Students page appears. A message displays that an exact match was found.
  2. Click Next.

Note: If the student record already exists in your system, an alert appears informing you that the student has an existing record in the district. Transfer the student record to the correct school.

Partial Record Match

  1. If there is a partial match to the new record you are creating, the Check for Existing Students page appears. Student records that matched some of the data you entered appear.
  2. Determine if an existing record that displays is a match to the record you are entering. If so, click the button next to the correct record. If no record matches, click No Match, New Enrollment.
  3. Click Next.

Record Found at Different School

  • If the record is found at another school in your district for which you have access to PowerSchool, the student record opens in their current school in order for you to transfer the student to the correct school.
  • If the record is found at a school in your district for which you do not have access, a message appears. Contact the registrar at the school and request that the student be transferred to the correct school.
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