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S_MT_STU_Demographics_X (ver 14.8.0)

This table is an extension of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary key that relates the extended table to the Students table.



Varchar2 (1)

Indicates if the student is a dependent of an active military member.

MigrantFlag15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates if the student or student's family are migrant workers. Migrates from [Students]MTMigrantFlag
DateEnteredUS15.7.0DateIndicates the date the student entered the US if not born in the US. Migrates from [Students]MT_DateEnteredUS
HomelessInd15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates if the student or student's family is homeless. Migrates from [Students]MT_Homeless
HomelessNightResidence15.7.0Varchar2 (2)Code indicating a homeless student's current night time living/sleeping arrangements. Migrates from [Students]MT_HomelessNight
Immigrant15.7.0Number (1,0)Code indicating if the student is an immigrant to the US. Migrates from [Students]MT_Immigrant
McKinneyVento15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates if the homeless student qualifies under McKinney-Vento Migrates from [Students]MT_McKinneyVento
RaceEthnicityDetermination15.7.0Varchar2 (2)Code indicating how the student's race and/or ethnicity were determined. Migrates from [Students]MT_Race_Determination
NameSuffix15.7.0Varchar2 (4)The student's name suffix such as Sr., Jr., II etc. Migrates from [Students]MT_Suffix
StudentSingleParent15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates the CTE student is unmarried and has a custody of a child or is pregnant. Migrates from [Students]MT_StudentSingleParent
UnaccompaniedYouth15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates the student is homeless and is not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian. Migrates from [Students]MT_Unaccompanied
MissingChildPhotoOptIn20.0.0Varchar2 (1)Field to set the photo-sharing opt-in so that, User can report the same to the state and missing children's photos can be easily shared with law enforcement agencies.

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