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S_MT_REN_Language_X (ver 15.7.0)

This table is an extension of the ReEnrollments table.

Column Name


Data Type




Number (10,0)

Primary key that relates the extended table to the ReEnrollments table.




The date the student was first identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_LEPDate
LEPStartDate15.7.0DateThe date the student entered a LEP program or started LEP services. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_LEPStartDate
LEPEndDate15.7.0DateThe date the student left a LEP program or ended LEP services. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_LEPEndDate
LEPStatus15.7.0Varchar2 (1)Code defining the student's current LEP status. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_LEP_Status
LanguageImpact15.7.0Varchar2 (2)

The language other than English that influences the student’s English language development. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_LanguageImpact

PrimaryLanguage15.7.0Varchar2 (3)The primary language the student speaks at home. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_PrimaryLanguage
TitleIII15.7.0Number (1,0)Indicates if the student qualifies as a Title III student for grant purposes. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_TitleIII
EnglishProficiencyDate15.7.0DateDate the student was determined to be proficient in English. Migrates from [Reenrollments]MT_EnglishProf

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