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S_MS_STU_MedInfo_C (ver 17.6.0)

This table is a child table of the Students table.

Column Name


Data Type


unique_IDver 17.6.0Number(11,0)Migrated From [MedInfo]unique_ID
schoolIDver 17.6.0Number(11,0)Migrated From [MedInfo]schoolID
foreignKeyver 17.6.0Number(11,0)Migrated From [MedInfo]foreignKey
foreignKey_alphaver 17.6.0Varchar2(31)Migrated From [MedInfo]foreignKey_alpha
ConditionYearver 17.6.0DateMigrated From [MedInfo]user_defined_date
Conditionver 17.6.0Varchar2(79)Migrated From [MedInfo]user_defined_text
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