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Incident Disposition Type / Disciplinary Action Codes (Consequence)

The Incident Disposition Type is entered for each discipline-related log entry created for a student.

Use the following steps to edit the Disciplinary Action Type codes:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > District Setup > Log Entry Fields.
  2. Click Consequence. The Edit Log Entry Field page appears.
  3. In the Data for Popup or Radio buttons field, enter the appropriate command using the following syntax:

[code];[display text]

Note: [code] is the Incident Disposition Type code listed in the table below, [display text] is the text you would like to display in the pop-up menu for that code. For example: ADMIN;Administrative Discipline . Each code;displaytext combination should be separated by carriage return.

It is recommended to enter the following as the first entry in the Data for Popup or Radio buttons field: ;Please Select;*

4.Click Submit.

Note: For instructions on adding, editing, and deleting log entry fields, see "Log Entry Fields" in PowerSchool Help.

The following disposition codes are used to define the type of disciplinary action taken for the student as a result of an incident.
Note: See the Incidents Dispositions document regarding which dispositions can be assigned for which incidents:




Administrative Discipline
Examples: Student conference, after school detention


Alternative School


Corporal Punishment


(Termination of all educational services for a period of time to exceed 10 days within one calendar year.)


Expulsion with Continuation of Educational Services


In school suspension


Juvenile Detention Center

Create a row for the Juvenile Detention Center serving your District. For example, JDC01 for

Juvenile Detention Center - Adams County.



(The temporary termination of all educational services for a period of time not to exceed 10 days).

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