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Exit or Withdrawal Type - New

The following MDE option set is used:

MDE Option Set

01907 - Student is in a different public school in the same local education agency

01908 - Transferred to a public school in a different local education agency in the same state

01918 - Transferred to home schooling

01921 - Graduated with regular, advanced, International Baccalaureate, or other type of diploma

01922 - Completed school with other credentials

01924 - Withdrawn due to illness

01925 - Expelled or involuntarily withdrawn

01926 - Reached maximum age for services

01927 - Discontinued schooling

01928 - Completed grade 12, but did not meet all graduation requirements

01931 - Not enrolled, unknown status

03505 - Exited

73060 - Officially withdrew and enrolled in ABE, adult secondary education, or adult ESL program

73064 - Died

73067 - Transferred to a school outside of the state

73068 - Transfer to a private school in the state

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