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S_MO_LOG_X (ver 16.2.0)

This table is an extension of the [Log] table. 

Column Name


Data Type


LogDCID16.2.0Number(10,0)Foreign Key
ActionTaken16.2.0Varchar2(5)Action Taken.  Migrated from [Log.Action_Taken]
AlternatePlacement16.2.0Varchar2(4)Alternate Placement.  Migrated from [Log.MO_AlternatePlacement]
Duration16.2.0Varchar2(3)Duration.  Migrated from [Log.Duration]
DurationChangeSource16.2.0Varchar2(4)Duration Change Source.  Migrated from [Log.DurationChangeSource]
OffenseDate16.2.0DateOffense Date.  Migrated from [Log.Incident_date]
OffenseType16.2.0Varchar2(1)Offense Type.  Migrated from [Log.Incident_Type]
SafeSchlViolations16.2.0Varchar2(4)Missouri Safe School Violations.  Migrated from [Log.SafeSchlViolations]
WeaponType16.2.0Varchar2(1)Type of Weapon, if weapons related.  Migrated from [Log.WeaponType]



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