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S_MN_USR_X (ver 16.12.1)

This table is an extension of the [Users] table.

Column Name


Data Type


UsersDCID16.12.1Number (10,0)Primary Key


16.12.1DoubleContract Base Salary
Contract_Days16.12.1IntegerContract Days
File_Folder16.12.1VarChar2(7)File Folder Number
Full_Part_Time16.12.1VarChar2(1)Full Time/Part Time
High_Ed_Lvl16.12.1VarChar2(5)Highest Education Level
Include_STAR_LA_File16.12.1Number (1,0)Include in STAR LA File
New_Lic_Staff16.12.1VarChar2(5)New Licensed Staff
Out_Dist_Assign16.12.1VarChar2(1)Out of District Assignment
YOE_Other16.12.1DoubleYears of Experience - Superintendent
YOE_Principal16.12.1DoubleYears of Experience -
YOE_Superintendent16.12.1DoubleYears of Experience -
YOE_Teacher16.12.1DoubleYears of Experience -
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