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S_MN_STU_ConCurEnr_C (ver

This table is an extension of the [Students] table.

Column Name


Data Type


ID20.10.1.0Number(19,0)Primary Key.
StudentsDCID20.10.1.0Number(19,0)Primary Key.
Attendance_Hrs21.10.1.0Number(25,10)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Attendance Hours (If Percent = 999).
Cur_School_Number21.10.1.0VarChar2(6)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - School Number.
EnrollmentID21.10.1.0Number(11,0)Enrollment ID of the Additional Enrollment.
Entry_Code21.10.1.0VarChar2(20)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Entry Code.
Entry_Date21.10.1.0DateAdditional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Entry Date.
Exclude_MARSSB21.10.1.0Number(1,0)Indicates the Additional Dual/Concurrent Enrollment is to be excluded from MARSS B Report.
Exit_Code21.10.1.0VarChar2(20)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Exit Code.
Exit_Date21.10.1.0DateAdditional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Exit Date.
Ind_Study21.10.1.0VarChar2(1)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Independent Study.
Membership_Hrs21.10.1.0Number(25,10)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Membership Hours (If Percent = 999).
Pct_Enrolled21.10.1.0Number(11,0)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Percent Enrolled.
Placing_LEA_Ref21.10.1.0Number(11,0)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled Special Education Placing Local Education Agency Reference for dual enrollment.
SAAPCredits21.10.1.0Number(25,10)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - SAAP Credits.
SPED_Service_Hrs21.10.1.0Number(25,10)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Special Ed Service Hours.
SPED_Status21.10.1.0VarChar2(2)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - Special Ed Evaluation Status.
State_Aid_Cat21.10.1.0VarChar2(4)Additional Concurrent/Dual Enrolled - State Aid Category.
Title1_Indicator21.10.1.0VarChar2(1)Indicates if the school where the student is additionally Dual/Concurrently enrolled is Title 1.
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