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S_MN_SCH_SchoolGrades_C (Version 17.9.0)

This table is a child table of the SCHOOLS table.

Column Name


Data Type


ID17.9.0Number (10,0)Primary Key.



Number (11,0)


SchoolsDCID17.9.0Number (10,0)Foreign key used to link back to the SCHOOLS table.
Unique_ID17.9.0Number (11,0)Primary key from the Virtual Table.
Exclude_From_MARSS22.10.3.0BooleanA checkbox to exclude grade level from MARSS.
Instruct_Days17.9.0Number (11,0)The number of days in the school calendar which all students, in a particular grade and school, are required to attend and participate in school activity for a full school day. No longer used.
KG_Sched_Indicator17.9.0Varchar2 (1)A code indicating a kindergarten student's schedule.
Length_Sch_Day_Min17.9.0Number (11,0)A number indicating minutes for the length of a school day.
Non_Instruct_Days17.9.0Number (11,0)The number of non-instructional days.
Sch_Grd_Lvl17.9.0Varchar2 (2)The grade level associated with record data.
SchoolID17.9.0Number (11,0)The state assigned number associated with the school.
Track17.9.0Varchar2 (1)A code identifying the track used by a particular grade and school.



Varchar2 (31)

Default field. No longer used.

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