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Define Life Science Courses for the Science Course Record (SCR) File

The Science Course Record file will contain a record for all students expected to take the MCA-II Science Assessment for the current school year. Requirements for determining which students should take the MCA-II Science Assessment are detailed on the Minnesota Department of Education website:

To generate the Science Course Record file, it is first necessary to define which courses fulfill the Life Sciences requirement. These course numbers must be set within the PowerSchool system:

  1. Click District.
  2. Click Science – Edit Courses.
  3. Select the Associate button to identify all of the courses that should be used to determine which students should be selected for the MCA-II Science Assessment.
  4. Click Submit to save the list of course numbers.

After courses have been defined, it is possible to see a list of all students that can be selected for the Science Course Record (SCR) file by selecting the Science – List Students link at the bottom of the Reports/State Reports screen. This listing of students displays information included in the SCR file and will allow you to exclude a student. To exclude a student, simply click on the student's name, place a check in the Exclude student box and click Submit. When the student list refreshes, a strike-through line will indicate that the student will not be selected for the SCR file. Use the Science – List Students screen as a mechanism to proof the students to be selected.

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