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Currently Enrolled Students - Delete

MARSS data can be managed for currently enrolled students using the State/Province-MN link on the student navigation menu. The State/Province-MN page maintains state related data that is student based. This page maintains data for a student that does not change based on a student's enrollment.
The State/Province-MN page (or MARSS page) is broken in to three sections. The first section displays the following student related fields:

  • MARSS Number (state_studentnumber)
  • DOB (dob)
  • Ethnicity (ethnicity)
  • Gender (gender)
  • Narrative (MARSS_Narrative)


The second section provides links to various functions to create new enrollment records (Create a New School Enrollment; Create a New Previous (Historical) Enrollment) or to print a Notification of Change in Student Enrollment Form.

The Create a New School Enrollment function will allow you to keep a student's enrollment active while you create a new current enrollment record. This function is useful when a student needs a new enrollment record but does not physically leave the district. A good example for this function is when a regular ed student needs a new enrollment record when they go on an IEP.

The Create a New Previous (Historical) Enrollment function is not used as often as the Create a New School Enrollment. This allows for the creation of an enrollment record in the Re-Enrollments table. This is particularly useful when it is necessary to create a record that happened in the past.

The Notification of Change in Student Enrollment Form is just a page that will pre-populate MARSS specific data in the Minnesota Department of Education Form. The page also contains input fields that will allow for the manual entry of data pertinent to the current student and their enrollment. At the bottom of the form is a link to print the page in a printer friendly format.



The third section is called Enrollment At A Glance. This is a quick view of specific MARSS related data in a tabular format. The top row represents the current enrollment record. Subsequent rows are previous enrollments. Each row is hyperlinked to allow the user to edit the enrollment data for the particular enrollment record.

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