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Creating a New Previous (Historical) Enrollment - Delete

Unlike the functions above which push current enrollment data down to become previous enrollments, the Create a New Previous (Historical) Enrollment function works directly with the previous enrollment table – Reenrollments. Since this record is not originating as a current enrollment record, it is missing a couple of data elements that will also need to be populated. These elements are Schoolid and Membership share. Also, since the FTE Status is based on the Schoolid, it will be necessary to visit the enrollment record again to be sure the FTE Status is properly set after the record has been created. This function is used rarely and is designed to insert an enrollment record in student's data for an event that has happened prior to the current enrollment.

To use the function, first select the proper student. Remember that this is a two-step process – first it is necessary to create the enrollment record, then to revisit it to populate the necessary MARSS fields and FTE Status. Navigate to the State/Province – MN page and choose the Create New Previous (Historical) Enrollment link. Enter the proper information like Entry Date and Code, Exit Date and Code. Be sure to pay close attention to the School. Select the appropriate school from the drop-down list. This will set the Schoolid mentioned above and help set the FTE Status. Once all of the data is entered, hit the Submit button.

Navigate back to the State/Province – MN page and select the newly created previous enrollment record. At this point it is possible to complete the data entry of the MARSS specific information. Since the record was not created from a current enrollment record it will not automatically carry data forward like the other enrollment functions. Validate the Full-Time Equivalency field as well as the Membership share field.

Membership share should be a value from 0 to 1. This represents a factor of membership and can be thought of as a percentage. If a student is enrolled 100%, the value will be 1. If the student is enrolled half time, the value will be .5. In most cases, Membership share should be set to 1.

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