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Behavior Codes and Subcodes

The following table provides information about behavior codes and subcodes:

Behavior Code


CRDC Specific Behaviors

  • CRDC: Rape or Attempted Rape

  • CRDC: Sexual Assault Other Than Rape

  • CRDC: Robbery with Weapon

  • CRDC: Robbery without Weapon

  • CRDC: Phys Atk/Fight w/ Weapon

  • CRDC: Phys Atk/Fight w/o Weapon

  • CRDC: Threat-Phys Atk/Fight w/ Weapon

  • CRDC: Threat-Phys Atk/Fight w/o Weapon

  • CRDC: Possession of Firearm or Explosive

Harassment Bias Based (52)^

  • Basis of Sex (CRDC_BULHARS)^

  • Basis of Race, Color, or Origin (CRDC_BULHARRA)^

  • Basis of Disability (CRDC_BULHARDI)^

  • Basis of Sexual Orientation (CRDC_BULHARSO)^

  • Basis of Religion (CRDC_BULHARRE)^

    • Atheist/Agnostic

    • Buddhist

    • Catholic

    • Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other)

    • Islamic (Muslim)

    • Jehovah’s Witness

    • Jewish (Judaism)

    • Mormon (Latter-day Saint)

    • Multiple Religions, Group

    • Other Christian

    • Other Religions

    • Protestant

    • Sikh

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