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S_MD_STU_MSA_X (ver 15.4.0)

This table is an extension of the [Students] table

Column Name


Data Type



ver 15.4.0

Number (10,0)

Primary Key.

Alt_MSA_Indicatorver 15.4.0Number (1,0)Student will take the Alt-MSA Test
Test_Formatver 15.4.0Varchar2(1)Test Format - Science
SpecialOrder_Sciencever 15.4.0Varchar2(1)Special Orders - Science
Excused_Studentver 15.4.0Number (1,0)Excused Student
Sci_Accom_Auditoryver 15.4.0Varchar2(1)Auditory Presentation Accommodations
Sci_Accom_MultiSensoryver 15.4.0Varchar2(1)Multi-Sensory Presentation Accommodations
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